Academy of Broadcasting knows what precisely the market wants. The training module is perhaps the prime reason that helps each student to stand apart from the crowd. All the valuable inputs from industry experts across the globe have been carefully considered during the process while the local flavor that each region has of its own has been sincerely considered during designing of the training module for better impact. The academy has a full-fledged R&D team who gathers every single information across all corners, evaluate them and then systematically incorporate the required portion with the training curriculum to keep students updated at all times. Besides, students are encouraged all the time to share their feedback and bring forward their innovative ideas. The academy sincerely values students’ opinions and there are several incidents where a simple training idea of a student made a lot of positive impact on the entire training module

The duration of training for each candidate is need-based and carefully designed based on various factors like audition performance, specific goal, individual strength and weakness etc. The academy has been awarded for its credential to prepare a fresh student to the fullest form within a reasonable time frame. The training duration varies from one month to one year with various combinations like 01 day a week, 02 days a week, 03 days a week etc. However, the final decision of training duration to be enrolled for is a serious decision that is allowed to be taken up by the candidate on his/her own.