Located about 170 Kms from Kolkata, Jhargram happens to be a very popular tourist destination for Kolkatans. It has tropical forests and ancient temples. It offers great serenity to tourists who visit Jhargram. However, this small place is now in news not for its tourism but because of Radio Jockey Shikha Mandi. According to a leading News Portal, she happens to be Radio Milan 90.4, host for her program “Johar Jhargram”. This is the first of its kind radio programs in a native tribal language, Santhali and Shikha Mandi is India’s first RJ to be hosting an entire Radio Program in Santhali.

Santhals, as you might know, are the third largest tribes in India. They are mostly found in the eastern Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Assam. In West Bengal, they are the largest tribe with a present population of 42 lakh people. However, you may not quite often see or hear a full Santhali program on TV or on the radio. As a young girl, Shikha grew up listening to All India Radio which sometimes featured Santhali songs and music. She often would mimic the RJ of these programs and sing the Santhali songs she heard on these radio programs. The fact that she is a successful RJ today is indeed a dream come true for her.

What does this mean?

The fact that Shikha Mandi, being a young tribal girl is today a successful RJ, should give hope to many who belong to a humble background. Radio has always been a medium which is spread across the nook and corner of the nation. Thus given the many changes which have happened in the radio sector even people who belong to small towns and villages of India can now dream of becoming a successful RJ.

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