This is the age of the internet. The online space is already having a significant impact on our every life. From communicating to working, shopping, entertainment and even socializing today everything has become much simpler and convenient. Thanks to the latest online platforms. They have not only revolutionized the way we lead our daily lives but also opened new career frontiers as well. This has happened almost across every sector including radio. Radio is one of the oldest broadcasting mediums in India. The sector has gone through its fair share of changes. The latest in the list is the upsurge of the internet radio. This is globally known as the Web radio. Let us take a look whether this could offer significant career opportunities for you.

Existing internet players in India

When it comes to web radio in India, some of the leading players happen to,, etc. Unfortunately these web platforms are finding it difficult to monetize their platforms. Keeping in view the great scope, there have been early entrants into the field. However on entry they realized that internet radio in India is very limited since it amounts to music streaming only. Apart from this since the music royalties are very exorbitant in India this often, makes it an un-remunerative revenue model currently. The result is that even the online web platforms like Spotify Worldwide are finding the present going, quite tough. One major challenge for these online radio platforms is that YouTube radio offers the music content for its listeners ,available free of cost.

What’s good for Stake holders about internet radio?

One very good thing about internet radio for companies is that you might have to set up a studio, but it may not be very expensive like the normal radio station. Yet companies still have to pay for the expenses which are many. However some experts in the sector are very optimistic about the future and see great scope in it.

In their opinion internet radio allows for proliferation of bandwidth. According to them this is what would make FM radio transcend from a local medium catering service for a particular geographic limit, to across the world.

Apart from this local communities, which are usually limited to a specific area would be able to enhance their reach. Thus ultimately we would see cultural communities galvanize from across the world, to consume local regional programming of their choice. Thus this is what would drive growth for the radio sector in years to come.

In conclusion we can say that internet radio or what is popularly known as web radio is in a very nascent stage in India at present, and has plenty of challenges. However once these preliminary problems get resolved there is tremendous scope. This is what would the future growth of the sector. Thus in case you aspire to be Radio Jockey (RJ) or seek to pursue any broadcasting career, this is good news for you and you can see plenty of new career opportunities emerge from this latest development in the sector.