In a recent event, while speaking to students of Bennet University, famous Radio Jockey (RJ) Sarthak of the FM radio channel “Ishq is of the opinion that “We must not be afraid”.  According to the latest media report, which mentions the RJ speaking at the orientation program of the university, he emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with positive people. The reason is that because of their positive vibe, you would have the confidence to fail and then get up.

In fact, while speaking at the occasion he even joked about having created his personal hashtag for failure FailSpectacularly. Thus he encouraged everyone to fail so that we become a better person.

Basic Success Mantras:

Importance of Passion

The veteran RJ who is having a very rich experience of more than 20 years in the industry also mentioned that to be successful in life it is very important to have passion in one’s life. He was also of the opinion that passion gives an internal joy which is indescribable.  Thus for him, though he had numerous challenges in life, he could succeed in the field because of his passion for the radio.

When he was asked about his love for radio, he mentioned that for him radio acts as a rock. In fact, he calls radio an art.

Challenges for the radio sector

In his opinion, one of the biggest challenges for the people working in the radio sector is the monotony of each day. Thus while working in the sector you have to find out innovative ways to make this monotonous every day routine interesting.

For people working in the radio sector, one of the most difficult tasks is to say the same name and the tagline of the radio channel every time. Yet with your creativity, you have to make it sound different each time. It is this challenge of the radio industry which also makes the sector very exciting.  In this regard, he calls it a “double-edged- sword”.

To conclude we can say that much like any other field your journey as an RJ if you so desire is in no way going to be easy. Yet you have to be passionate about your career and find out new and innovative ways to stay creative in the sector.

It is true that the right RJ training in many ways can help you to forge ahead in your RJ career. However to be the best you must be passionate and hardworking and ever willing to learn.

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