Radio Jockey (RJ) Naved is the Radio Mirchi Star and is famous for hosting the very popular “Mirchi Murga” on Radio Mirchi. According to a recent report in a very renowned News Portal, in a session, while interacting with young career aspirants urged them to believe in themselves and their capabilities. However, at the same time, they must not be too arrogant about their strengths. In this interactive session, Naved also motivated young career aspirants who are entering a new phase in their lives.

How he came up as an RJ?

Naved started his career in a small town with very limited resources. As a youngster, he could not even speak fluent English. He started by working in an Airtel Call Centre before getting into the radio sector. In his opinion, he learned maximum from the people whom he interacted with. These include people both at the call center as well as the radio station he started working at. Thus according to him students should try and learn maximum from those around them. It is, therefore, best that as an RJ you grow by interacting with the top people in the industry. Thus in case you are looking for RJ training always select the one which provides you with the opportunity to interact and learn from experts in the industry.

Overcoming your fears

In Naved’s opinion, one of the other things which you must do to become a successful RJ is that you must have the ability to overcome your fears. This is equally applicable across all careers but especially for the RJ Career. The reason is that it happens to be an unconventional career. Thus you must be dynamic enough to accept anything which might be expected from you as an RJ.

Radio has helped him to connect with the audience

In his realization as a successful RJ having a career over more than 14 years the one thing which really makes him happy as an RJ is the fact that the radio is the medium which helps him to connect with his audience. In his opinion, the audience of a specific city always is able to connect and trust the RJs. It is a great platform which one can use to influence many lives in a very positive manner like none other.

To conclude we can say that it does not matter whether you belong to a small city with limited resources or to a big metropolitan city, if you want to be a successful RJ, you can do it from anywhere. RJ Naved is a live example of the same. With the right RJ training, you can definitely make it very big as a successful RJ. To know more please Contact Us!