In a recent survey, known as Indian Readership Survey (IRS) BIG FM has once again emerged as the number one private FM broadcaster. This is based on the IRS 2017 data.

There are of course many private players in the FM radio space in India. All of them are doing well.

Some data about Big FM.

Out of the many players in the sector, Big FM is the private FM network leads with the highest listenership. It has accumulated base of over 17 million in the country. This also makes it as the ideal choice for brands to connect with their consumers. The company has a strong network of as many as 59 radio stations. It has its presence over 1200 towns and more than 50,000 villages. This Private FM Channel also holds the leadership position in key metros which include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. In terms of states it has its domination in regions such as UP, Punjab, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir. The private radio’s content offering cuts across age groups and categories engaging audiences in various cities. It is also to be noted that the network’s innovative content built on strong local insights has added to its existing strong listenership base.

What This Means About Career Aspirants in the Radio Sector?

In case you have always dreamt about becoming a popular RJ or pursuing other careers in the field then you must note that these are indeed exciting times for the radio sector. If you are serious and can train yourself rightly in the field then there is ample scope for you to develop a high flying career. The opportunities are endless.

Having natural talent is good. But at the same time you must also nurture your talent with the right training so that you are successful.

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