• Academy of Broadcasting is India’s oldest, largest and only national Award winning institute. Interested candidates come here to learn from the best training platform available in the country. Only sincere and serious candidates get opportunity here to learn directly from Celebrities and industry experts. We do not accept direct admission, our scientific Audition Evaluation process carefully chooses only those candidates who are passionate to learn and just not come here to find out a job.
  • We know what industry wants, and industry knows what we do. Hence, both the industry and the academy respect and value each other. 839 new FM channels are coming up along with hundreds of Community Radio, Internet Radio etc. The industry needs a huge number of professionally trained young talents. There is huge shortage of talents in almost all FM channels even in today’s market scenario. The industry badly in search of rightly trained talents.
  • Academy of Broadcasting is National Award Winner for Highest Placements in Radio. But still we prefer not to promise a candidate any job guarantee since we expect our students to take active part in the journey of success with us. The Academy takes all efforts to make its students believe that there is no shortcut for success.
  • If you can continue your sincerity, passion and true love for the profession during learning process, the opportunities are far widen than one’s ambition. Academy of Broadcasting always teaches its students to learn from the Best, Be Ready to give the Best, and then JUST SEE THE REST.        


RJ MEENAKSHI           Big 92.7 FM (Declared Best Female RJ of India)

RJ NEHA                         India FM (Hungama.com)

HIMANSHU GUPTA   94.3 FM (Programming Head) 

TAHIRA                           Big 92.7 FM (Programming Head)

RJ MONITA                   94.3 My FM

RJ GAGAN                     94.3 My FM

RJ NIDHI                       Big 92.7 FM

RJ/VJ YOGEET           Channel Punjab, UK

RJ AMANPREET        94.3 My FM

RJ NIKHIL                   94.3 My FM (Promo Producer)

RJ JASSI                       94.3 My FM

RJ RICHA                     VIVEK 90.4 FM

RJ SUNNY                    92.7 BIG FM

RJ GARIMA                 Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

RJ ISHA                        92.7 BIG FM

RJ DIKSHA                 104.8 MEOW FM – Radio Today group

RJ MEHRUL               Mauritius FM

RJ ROHIT                    92.7 BIG FM

RJ RITIKA                  Vivek 90.4 FM

RJ HARVIND            94.3 My FM


RJ RAMAN                104 ZED FM

RJ NEHAL                 Taal Radio

RJ NAYAN                 94.3 My FM

RJ NAVIE                  Apna 990, Auckland, New Zealand

RJ KAMAL                Vivek 90.4 FM

RJ NISHI                   94.3 My FM

RJ ARSHDEEP       WTOR, Toronto

RJ PALLAVI            Taal Radio

RJ URVASHI          Apna 990, Auckland, New Zealand

RJ SHERRY            Taal Radio

RJ JASPREET        Vivek 90.4 FM