Today much like any other sector in the radio sector to many mobile apps are available for listening of the radio. This has meant great scope for the radio sector as a whole. Out of the many radio apps which are being developed now, the Radiogram is one which is likely to become very popular.

Radiogram: Overview

It is true that you could indeed download thousands of apps for internet radio. — But out of the many which are available out there you might not have seen a free app which is as simple as the Radiogram. Radiogram is as yet unreleased is still in development. However, you would be happy to know that this is a Mobile App which is proposed to be completely ad-free. This means you as a mobile user would come across no banners, no popups and no video ads. However, you need to bear in mind that some radio stations themselves might be playing audio ads in between the broadcast.
The app has a simple design. If you see a radio station all you need to do is just tap and it would start playing.
Apart from this, you could also change countries to see local stations. You would also be able to search for a station by name or browse the various genres. So this all-new radio app is likely to be very popular especially amongst the youngsters who are quick to grab any such type of Mobile apps.

What does this mean for the radio sector?

If you are a budding career aspirant who is really passionate about becoming a successful Radio Jockey (RJ), this is indeed great news. Thus with these latest developments, the radio sector is likely to grow by leaps and bound even in the future. It means with the sector is adapting well to the latest technological trends and advancements and would flourish further in the future. So it is just the right time for unleashing your potential to become a successful RJ. This is why we at the Academy Of Broadcasting Kolkata have designed the right training courses at our institute which will nurture your talent for a great future in the radio sector.