Communication forms an important part of our lives. To be successful in your professional life you need to communicate effectively. The need to make successful presentations at work place has become a great necessity. So you need to address a large audience and you must be able to effectively drive your point across. You may be really good at your job but your ability to successfully communicate to your clients and seniors is so critical for your career growth. For many public speaking is a great fear. Through this blog we will guide you how you can not only overcome your fear of public speaking but also be really good at it.

Mastering the art of Public Speaking

Prepare your content really well- knowledge about your subject matters

No matter how good at speaking, you cannot about something you do not know. A lot of people speak a lot more than what they know. So you must read as much possible about what you are to speak. This will widen your perspective and help you to communicate better. 

You need to have an understanding about the profile of your audience

Prior to your speech or presentation, you need to have a complete understanding about the profile of the audience you are to address. This is in terms of their background, their profession, priorities and expectations. This will provide you with the proper insight and help you relate to your audience better. The ability to connect with your audience will go a long way in getting your point across.

Being passionate about what you speak makes it effective

Your audience may forget what you have spoken during your talk but they rarely forget your emotions about the topic. So it is essential that you develop an emotional intensity while speaking. This conveys how much you believe in what you are speaking.

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Your body language is critical for your communication

Research shows that about 60% of your communication is done through your non verbal means. The quality of your communication depends much on your tonal quality and body language. So while speaking publicly you need to take care of both. An appropriate change in your tone will make your topic seem more interesting to your audience.

Try to add a fun and emotional quotient if possible

It has been observed that in case you are able to add an element of humour to what you speak, it becomes easier for your audience to remember and recall later. Good presentations generally have both the elements of humour and emotion.

Practice makes perfect

No matter how much you know about any topic, you must practice your presentation repeatedly. It is often said that practice is the mother of all skills. It is best that if you can practice in front of the mirror. You could also record your speech and evaluate it later to improve upon it. In case you are scared of speaking in public, taking a few deep breaths while speaking often helps to keep calm.

In conclusion we can say that public speaking is an important for your professional success and by following the above mentioned points we hope will help you. The Academy of Broadcasting Kolkata is one of the leading training institutes of Kolkata which offers the best courses relating to broadcasting. We also offer a course on Public speaking. To know about various courses visit our course page.