As per current Broadcasting guidelines in India, one needs to have a valid professional Certificate to apply for this profession. 839 new FM channels are getting launched in India besides Community Radio, Internet Radio etc. The industry is looking for young talents with professional Certificate. In India, the Certifications are conducted by Academy of Broadcasting in collaboration with The Radio School, U.K. A candidate must clear the Audition to be eligible to apply for the Certification program.

However, every young aspirant desire to be part of the creative world MUST NOT MISS THE AUDITION NO MATTER WHAT. Because it saves the future of a creative aspirant both ways whether or not he/she clears the audition. Read below carefully why you must attend the audition.

  • You have the passion to be part of the Creative World. But, you perhaps do not know whether the required factor is available in your gene or not. Remember, no one can ever make you talented; the world can only nurture and upgrade your talent provided you already have it in your blood.
  • The Audition is perhaps the only platform that helps you to learn the secret whether your inner talent is compatible with your passion or not. If the Audition process chooses you, it means you are born to touch your dream. Then, all you need is your continued sincerity and passion to experience your dream.
  • Most importantly, if the Audition process does not choose you, it’s blessing in disguise for you in its true sense. You then know that this particular profession is not meant for you which will practically save you and your money in your future journey especially from them who wrongly promises you to make you talented. We often get misguided when some well designed counseling strategies makes us tempted to believe that a training academy can gift me my dream even if I don’t have it inside me.
  • As a young talented aspirant, your dream is to make your own identity in the creative world to achieve stardom – Fame, Glamour, Stature, Wealth etc. Even if you cannot make this Audition, our advice to you is to respect your power of dream and value your hidden star. Let’s look at other avenues of talents where you can grow from and that will certainly take you to your dream world on your own strength and not on mercy of others, if at all.    
  • Look at the leaders across the globe. We often find that some of the great success stories in the world began from failures. It’s true that failures makes us stronger to be successful in life, but the most important lesson to learn from each of these stories that all of them were just not dedicated towards their dream, but they were equally kept themselves open ended. For them, touching their dream was important, and they never thought otherwise when they were required to change their way of achieving success.
  • This Audition will tell you whether you will be able to touch your dream through Voice-based profession or not. But no Audition in this world can ever tell you whether you will be able to make your mark in the world of stardom or not. So, never let your smile go, you may even be the star performer in this Audition itself.        


The Audition is for limited entries only and a candidate interested to appear for the Audition shall register himself/herself. There is no fixed cut-out date for Audition closing since the Registration process gets automatically closed once it touches its intake limit. Hence, a candidate interested for this profession should complete the registration process the sooner the better. Once the registration process is done, Audition Entry Card along with payment acknowledgement is issued. The registration for audition can be made in following 03 ways.

  • Direct Registration through center visit on all days between 12:00 hrs. and 05:00 hrs. except listed holidays of academy.
  • Direct Registration through cash deposit/bank transfer to designated bank account. The academy shall forward the payment acknowledgement to the candidate immediately against realization of payment.
  • On-line Registration through our official booking partner Book My Show. The registration through Book My Show can be made either through visiting our website or directly through Book My Show site.


On the Audition day, a candidate shall reach the venue with Audition Entry Card along with photo ID where a professional coordinator shall brief the entire process. The Audition shall have following 03 steps.

  • Step AScript Writing: The candidate shall write down a script as per given topics in any language chosen by own self.
  • Step BVoice Assessment: The candidate shall proceed to meet face to face the celebrity RJ inside the Studio. Here, the celebrity acts like a mentor who will interact with the candidate first. Once the candidate is ready to perform, his/her voice shall be recorded. Once Recording is done, the candidate shall get the chance to clarify any query that one may have in own mind in regards to this profession or industry.
  • Step CExit Interaction: This is the final step where a candidate shall share his/her area of interest, career plan etc.


The selected candidates shall be informed through sms and telephone within 48 hours from Audition held. A shortlisted candidate shall be required to attend the counseling session on the specific date and time as mentioned over phone/sms. It is mandatory to attend the counseling session with your parents/guardians. During this process, a candidate shall get an invaluable opportunity to meet VJ Sahil from MTV and Taaza TV besides his other important association with the industry. This interaction shall be an experience of lifetime.  

Now comes the most important part that may be considered as a perfect start for a young aspirant. Be face to face with the Chief Audition Analyst and learn from him every single shortcomings of your audition performance captured through high definition software mechanism. Perhaps for the very first time of your life you will realize that it’s neither language, voice quality nor just talent, but the secret to be successful in life is a very different strategy all together. Get to know both side of yours as captured during the audition and the easy-to-learn remedy to stand out from the crowd in days to come. To us, it’s not how good you are but it’s all about how good you want to be.

During the Counseling session, you will be explained the kind of training you need for the Certifications program, the training charges along with various flexible payment options so that you along with your parents/guardians can easily take your decision.


Complete your admission formalities within specific date. It is mandatory for a candidate to be personally present at the centre during enrollment process.

Step A- Documentation

It is mandatory to carry the following documents during the documentation process. The admission process shall not be progressed further without submission of valid documents. A candidate is advised to go through all documents carefully prior acceptance and acknowledgement, documents once acknowledged formally by a candidate shall form integral part of admission terms for a candidate while pursuing the training program.

  • Photo identification (Adhar card, Voter card, Passport, PAN card)
  • Last academic qualification proof (Mark-sheet, Certificate)
  • Last professional qualification proof, if any
  • Recent color passport sized photograph (02 copy)      

Step B- Payment of Fees

A candidate does not get formally enrolled in the system unless payment of fees is made and acknowledgement obtained. All payments to be paid by CTS-2010 compliant cheques only, however the payment on admission may be paid by cash, if needed be by a candidate. In case a candidate obtains monthly installment payment option, the post dated cheques must be submitted along with the payment on admission. It is compulsory to write the Student’s Name, SAF no. and Contact no. behind every cheque.

Payment once made including all future payments is neither refundable nor transferable. Hence, a candidate must clarify his/her all related queries prior to making of payments. Deposit of cheques is an automatic arrangement with the bank, hence academy shall never be in a position to hold or delay any cheque beyond respective date. It is mandatory to be personally present and sign required documents by the person concerned in case the issuer of cheques is other than the candidate.


The training program is highly customized and primarily designed based on individual training needs for a candidate. The training schedule gets periodically revised based on progress assessment of a candidate. A candidate must keep himself or herself flexible enough to abide by this scientific training module of the academy all time while pursuing the program. The academy is primarily student-focused and extends all possible assistance to keep a student during the periodical transition phase of training schedule, however major emphasis is always put on the individual training needs of a student to ensure optimum output.


The academy gives utmost importance to the learning process of each student. It is compulsory for each student to provide detailed feedback on regular basis about training process in a structured format. Here, a student is free to express all his or her concerns, whether the training module is effective or not be it the curriculum, faculties, teaching aids, techniques etc. Practice sessions are considered to be the backbone in the entire curriculum not only to bring perfection in a student, but also to develop fearless confidence in the mind of a student before they are actually exposed to the real world. At every stage of training, the students are provided with reasonable comfort with mentors, counselors and coordinators to enable them to learn what exactly the industry wants. In an unlikely situation, if a student lacks confidence after the training module is over, the academy has a standard format to listen and understand the student and arrange for need-based back-up classes with respective faculties to ensure optimum satisfaction in the mind of the student.  


Once the training curriculum gets over followed by required back-up sessions, if required, a student is assessed internally whether he/she is set to appear for the examination. Once a student is ready, he/she shall get the examination schedule. The examination is held in two parts – theoretical and practical. Finally, the successful students appeared for the examination shall provide with the most awaited Certificate. The student is now ready to spread wings towards his or her own dream. The journey begins.