Have you always been fascinated by the popular Radio Jockeys (RJs)? Do you closely follow them? If so you would realize that even the Bollywood Celebrities are now going on air and conducting some very innovative radio programs on the leading FM radio stations. So you would often hear the voices of some of the big names of Bollywood like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karan Johar and many more on some very popular radio programs.

Bollywood and RJs: A close Connection Always

Radio in Bollywood has never quite been a very peculiar sight. If you remember some time back in the year 2005, in the Bollywood hit “Salam Namaste”, Preity Zinta portrayed the lead character named Ambar, a medical student supports her education by working as an RJ in a top radio studio in Melbourne. Thereafter even in the famous movie “Lage Raho Munnabhai” in 2006 Vidya Balan a led character plays the role of popular RJ called Jahnvi. She again went to play the role of an RJ in the film “Sulu” in the year 2017. So there has always been a close connection between Bollywood and Radio.

How did it start?

When it comes to Bollywood Celebrities taking up Radio Jockeying, the list of names include the names like Karan Johar, regarded by most as the king of talk shows, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Neha Dhupia, and Vidya Balan and some more are expected to join in as well. If you are wondering why so many big names are going on air, experts in the field feel that radio has a huge reach. There are some people who cannot afford to buy a television set but can afford to buy a radio and thus listen to music, news, entertainment and other shows on the radio. Keeping this in view it is realized by many that radio can indeed be a useful tool to connect with the masses. In fact, this is the reason why even the high profiled radio show like the “Mann Ki Baat”, is now being aired.

Karan Johar’s Show which is aired on Ishq 104.8 FM is called “Calling Karan” provides a platform to resolve problems relating to love, romance, and other relationships. Here he tries to draw up solutions to problems based on his experience in life and is a very hot radio program which is listened to by many in India. In 2016 Neha Dhupia Started hosted a radio show on the music app called “ Saavn”. The show was an instant hit which received some great reviews from over 2.3 million listeners. Apart from this Kareena Kapoor Khan also conducts a very popular radio show titled “What Women Want?” This mainly deals with women’s issues and offers some great music too.

To conclude we can say that there has indeed been a close connection of Bollywood with the radio sector. Many celebrities are now Radio Jockeying as well. In case you too want to take up RJ as a professional career then you need the right training in Radio Jockeying this is what you avail from “KIMB” is a leader in the field.