Audition on Professional Radio Jockeying & Anchoring


29.03.2019 (Friday)


122-A, Ballygaunge Gardens, Golpark, Kolkata- 700019

Reporting time:

12.30 P.M.


  1. No charges are payable for attending audition.
  2. Rs. 1950.00 (Deposit amount to be adjusted with admission fees.)



  • You have the passion to be part of the Creative World. But, you perhaps do not know whether the required factor is available in your gene or not. Remember, no one can ever make you talented; the world can only nurture and upgrade your talent provided you already have it in your blood.
  • The Audition is perhaps the only platform that helps you to learn the secret whether your inner talent is compatible with your passion or not. If the Audition process chooses you, it means you are born to touch your dream. Then, all you need is your continued sincerity and passion to experience your dream.
  • Most importantly, if the Audition process does not choose you, it’s blessing in disguise for you in its true sense. You then know that this particular profession is not meant for you which will practically save you and your money in your future journey especially from them who wrongly promises you to make you talented. We often get misguided when some well designed counseling strategies makes us tempted to believe that a training academy can gift me my dream even if I don’t have it inside me.
  • As a young talented aspirant, your dream is to make your own identity in the creative world to achieve stardom – Fame, Glamour, Stature, Wealth etc. Even if you cannot make this Audition, our advice to you is to respect your power of dream and value your hidden star. Let’s look at other avenues of talents where you can grow from and that will certainly take you to your dream world on your own strength and not on mercy of others, if at all.
  • Look at the leaders across the globe. We often find that some of the great success stories in the world began from failures. It’s true that failures makes us stronger to be successful in life, but the most important lesson to learn from each of these stories that all of them were just not dedicated towards their dream, but they were equally kept themselves open ended. For them, touching their dream was important, and they never thought otherwise when they were required to change their way of achieving success.
  • This Audition will tell you whether you will be able to touch your dream through Voice-based profession or not. But no Audition in this world can ever tell you whether you will be able to make your mark in the world of stardom or not. So, never let your smile go, you may even be the star performer in this Audition itself.

The Audition Process:

  • The candidates, who have genuine passion for this profession and wish to be trained by industry experts, need to complete the registration formalities.
  • A candidate is eligible to appear for the audition on 29.03.2019 (Friday).
  • A registered candidate shall be required to reach at the venue on specific date at 12:30 P.M.
  • The audition process shall be explained to a candidate along with important tips prior to appearing for the final audition.
  • During the audition, a candidate shall also get a priceless opportunity to clarify any query that he/she might have for this profession. A candidate may also expect to get valuable tips and advice directly from the celebrity mentors at the time of audition that is to be considered as priceless gift.

Registration Fee:

Rs. 1950.00 (Deposit amount to be adjusted with admission fees.)


Contact Numbers (for Offline Registration)

033- 4602 7309, 033- 4602 7316, 98306 26270
WhatsApp. 98306 26270