Audition on Professional Radio Jockeying & Anchoring


03.10.2018 (Wednesday)


Studio KIMB, Ground Floor, 16-A, Ballygunge Terrace, Golpark, Kolkata 700029

Reporting time:

11.30 A.M.


  1. No charges are payable for attending audition.
  2. Rs. 1950.00 (Deposit amount to be adjusted with admission fees.)


How to Register for Audition:

  • Registration for Audition is on first-cum-first serve basis. Registration shall remain open for limited number of candidates only and shall be automatically closed once filled.
  • Registration for Audition doesn’t guarantee admission at KIMB and is subject to audition assessment by celebrity mentors.

At the time of Registration, a candidate needs to submit the following:

  • Copy of photo ID proof
  • 01 color passport size photo
  • Rs. 750 (Rupees Seven Hundred Fifty only) towards Registration charge.

Note: Rs. 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) shall be refunded to the candidate who shall not be able to meet the admission criteria. However, no refund shall be made if a candidate decides not to proceed for admission for his/her own reasons.
Once Registration made, a candidate shall be given an Audition Kit containing the following:

  • Audition Entry Card
  • Detailed Address of audition Venue
  • Audition date and Reporting time
  • Audition process
  • Selection criteria
  • Different training durations
  • Training module for different durations
  • Fee structure
  • Different payment options
  • Audition pre-assessment Form – A candidate needs to fill-up the form and submit it at the reception desk on Audition day.

Registration can also be done through online payment of Registration charge to the company bank account.

The Audition Day:

  • Reach the Audition venue at least 15 minutes before scheduled reporting time.
  • Carry the entire Audition Kit along as received during Registration.
  • Submit the Audition pre-assessment Form duly filled-up and signed at the Reception desk.
  • Collect the Script to be performed. Chose wisely a language between Hindi, English and Bengali.
  • Ensure appropriate dress-code to compliment the purpose.
  • Come along with your parent/guardian/financial decision maker (only one person) for smooth decision making of admission.
  • Do not be in hurry to return, you are going to receive the most appropriate solution for you directly from celebrity mentors.

The Audition Process:

  • The audition shall be in three steps as follows:

STEP-I: Voice Assessment

  • You shall perform the script in your chosen language. Based on your performance, the celebrity mentors shall asses the current type of your voice and the available potential in your voice that could be properly tuned to make it marketable. In the end, the celebrity mentors shall guide you about the duration of training you should go for.    

STEP-II: Personality Assessment

  • It’s all about your presentation – how you stand, how you talk, how you carry yourself, and most importantly how you connect yourself with the audience. The celebrity expert panel shall asses you in each of these areas, and evaluates your current positioning and areas where you need improvement to unleash the X-factor in you. In the end, the celebrity mentors shall guide you about the subject combinations of training module you should go for within the given duration.

STEP-III: Open interaction

  • It’s not difficult to decide what you want to do, but the actual difficulty lies in identifying the way how to do it especially roadblocks existing in-between, like academics pressure, job pressure, regular life schedule, financial pressure, and most importantly the lack of active support from parents, family, or financial decision maker.

Let’s face it face-to-face. The solutions come out easily when you unfold all your issues, and more importantly, your financial decision maker too gets the platform to share their concern. We ensure that your family too becomes an active part of such decision making about your admissions, so that your learning becomes a happy journey, and not a stressful challenge to prove. Our expert panel shall pay attention while you and your family members speak, and in the end shall offer you a solution that was never thought before. Let’s believe together that success is never by chance, but it’s all about taking a right chance. The final decision is taken, and you proceed for admission formalities.


The importance to participate in Audition:

  • Participating in this audition is not about winning or losing, it’s simply to look at you at the right mirror. Not to forget that your dream will always defeat reality if you give it a chance. Face the audition, face the reality, and learn from the celebrity personalities what is right for you to make your own identity. Instead of getting confused and wasting valuable years of life, know directly from the successful people the specific route you should follow to touch your dream. First, be on the right side, and only then expect others to extend support for your chosen profession.

Step up, stand out, and take charge. Do not miss the very first step by thinking and analyzing. Join the audition in open mind because it’s not about how good you are, but it’s all about how good you want to be. Learn to live what you love… Suno Dil Ki Baat.

Registration Fee:

Rs. 1950.00 (Deposit amount to be adjusted with admission fees.)


Contact Numbers (for Offline Registration)

033- 4602 7309, 033- 4602 7316, 98306 26270
WhatsApp. 98306 26270