With the several satellite channels now in India, Anchoring as a career has gained immense popularity. A popular anchor is a face seen and loved by millions of families’ nationwide. Much of this hype has got to do with the glamour most perceive is associated with this starry profession. However there is much hard work and planning involved in this profession. There are of course natural traits which would help you; these being your natural ability to be an extrovert and being free while communicating. But even if you have certain natural abilities which might help you, there is no guarantee you would succeed professionally. This requires planning, training and hard work.

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What options you may have as an Anchor?
An Anchor is also known as a host, a presenter, or a host. He or she may also be a news reader. Broadly speaking this profession we may categorize under stage anchor, news anchor and programmer anchor. Stage Anchors or Hosts conduct live shows or programs. News Anchors present new related reports. They may also conduct programs like debates and discussions pertaining to certain live issues. Program anchors on the other hand are focused towards award functions, and competition shows. They are conducting many comedy shows which have gained particular popularity in recent times. There are various reality shows as well which have been well accepted in Indian Television. The best part of these being an Anchor currently is that you need not be just good in English or Hindi. Even the regional language programs are as much eagerly watched as the national ones. This has meant that you may not be very fluent only in English or Hindi, if you are fluent in your regional language there is much scope as well.
What you need to be successful?
Anchoring is not just about presenting information. They are the mediators between the channel and the audience. So if you want to make it big in this profession you need to be updated with all the latest trends. You need to connect with your audience. To do so you must speak in the language they understand and familiar with. So as a successful Anchor your ability to engage your audience is the key to your success. You need to be very versatile and flexible to make any program very exciting to your audience. This is particularly important because the electronic media has become fiercely competitive. If you are not good at your job then your audience would flip channel and move out. Thus your good command over the language, your sense of humour is important. Natural ability is good, But they must be nurtured through right training. You must have good peoples skill as well to treat your audience right. You would come across various situations and different kinds of people but you must maintain your cool and handle them effectively.
To conclude we can say that being an Anchor is fun, particularly if you love it, but there is hard work involved. You may have natural talents but there is need for professional training as well. Academy of Broadcasting Kolkata is a leading training institute in Broadcasting. We have a specific course for Public Speaking and Anchoring dedicated to this profession.