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Just a few years back if you would have asked a child what he/she wants to be in future you may have got the traditional reply that he/she wishes to be a doctor or an engineer. The catch is that if you ask the same question now, do not get surprised if the child answers that he/she wants to be a radio jockey. The reason is simple that the generation Y is now interested in careers that are interesting, challenging and a bit different from routine jobs. Yes, careers like radio jockey or radio announcers are interesting and fascinating.

Radio jockey career opportunities in India have increased many folds after the advent of the FM stations which breathed life back into the ailing radio. With a bevy of options to choose from, the career opportunities of radio jockey includes various FM Radio stations catering to different regional languages. Even the other independent and new stations can also be a good option to start afresh. Generally, for the youngsters who aspire to be future radio jockeys, them these radio jockey career opportunities in India will open up once they pass the individual auditioning round of various stations.

Apart from the known radio jockey jobs, the career opportunities of radio jockey includes doing voice-overs in advertisements for both television and radio, voice modulation for audio magazines and documentaries, anchoring various TV shows, live shows and events. Importantly enough, globalization and emergence of private players have considerably increased the radio jockey career opportunities in India in recent times.

We have often heard many people saying that one needs to get trained, the right way in order to excel on radio. But, what is the right type of training? Is it really useful and will it really goes a long way in making you that star Radio Jockey that you always dreamt of?

Well, without proper professional training, you are just like an airplane with a flight path. One has to accept the fact that it is not at all easy to go ‘On-Air’ and sustain with your performance. In order to get those ears listening to you, your voice has to be properly trained. It has to go through a very high level of professional training to get those highs at a particular point, the lows when demanded, ability to pick up speed along-with modulation and of course, your diction has to be impeccable.

So, who can effectively provide you with all this? Well, the answer is no rocket science, actually it is very basic. An institute and its trainers, who know radio themselves, will only be able to impart you the training that is demanded by radio stations all over the globe. Make sure you make the right choice whether their curriculum covers the latest innovations in this field like Stingers, Sweepers, Radio Hour clock, PSAs, Formats, Imaging, Product push etc?

Remember, in radio there are no comebacks and make sure you are trained the proper way, so that the world of radio welcomes you with open arms.